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"Lydia Possible"

A few weeks (?) back I was tweeting about a Kim Possible AU with Charlie and I told her I wanted to draw Lydia as Kim and Allison as Shego. So here it is!  :]

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Saoirse Ronan for The Sunday Times, February 2014

Saoirse Ronan for The Sunday Times, February 2014




in which the actor who plays one of television’s least likeable characters is actually super considerate and cool

How can he be such a despicable cunt, then…

"So you’re… familiar… with it?"

I should’ve listened to you. I will never get used to putting you in danger, but I realize that you’re part of my world. And in our world, we’re better together than apart.

Find an anchor. Something meaningful to you. Bind yourself to it. Keep the human side in control.

lysaac au; ‘That was a lot easier than I thought it would be.’


lysaac au | in which isaac returns after a summer away from beacon hills and immediately captured the attention of lydia (after all, he has since traded in his bike chains for an actual engine). the two become closer as the year progresses, stealing glances in art class and attending the rave together. when isaac has to take the ice bath to help protect the town, it is lydia who becomes his anchor, and when isaac is hurt (almost to the point of death), it is lydia’s scream he hears.

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